About Us

We are women creating a better world.

We The Women believes living well means living our values out loud. Expressing our talents, building great families and companies and communities, reaching for what gives us joy no matter what anyone else is doing, and taking care of ourselves while taking care of others and our planet.

We've got ideas and inspiration to help you thrive, ways to take action on social issues and products made by women-led, socially responsible companies. You'll meet business, cultural and spiritual leaders, authors, filmmakers and entrepreneurs, women running for office and running non-profits, and those who are running everything--you know the ones. You probably are one.

We believe in the power of our daily choices, that small actions lead to big changes and that every woman's story matters.

Feel Good. Create Good. Shop Good.

“I’ve been a journalist for almost twenty years. Often I’d write or read an article and want to do something to help, but it wasn’t always easy to figure out how. Really, who has the time?
A few years ago I was starting a company making giving to women’s causes easier when life interrupted. That’s a vague way of saying I got laid off, moved from the city I’d lived in for decades to the suburbs to care for my elderly mother, caught a rare, life-threatening infection and had surgery. My boyfriend left, and just as I was getting better, my house flooded. I had to move, and move again.
Once it was all behind me, I was even more committed to starting a company that celebrates the power of women.
For me it comes down to this: in every moment we have the choice of looking toward the dark or toward the light. Can’t find the bright? I’ve been there. Sometimes the only choice is how to react to the dark. That is where our power lies.
Women are stepping up to create the world they want to live in, the one they want to leave for their children and grandchildren. It’s our beacon in this dark. A lot of good is needed right now in the world, but women are on it."                          

      --- Susan Price